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Amalfitan Handmade Sandals! #smaacsecret

Hand Made Amalfitan Sandals

#HappyFriday and Happy #smaacsecret day!

We have another beautiful Amalfitan secret to share with you today! We are at Stefania’s shoes shop in the Heart of Amalfi to discover the processing of Amalfitan Handmade Sandals! 

What is their forte? They create stunning Handmade Positano and Capri Style Sandals of Course! You enter the shop, pick your favourite style and Rossella will tailor it for you, she will manually insert all the pieces to deliver ana amazing pair of handmade sandals!

Rossella is Stefania’s daughter and she is a  real artisan. This is a family run shop from locals of Amalfi. During the summer period, people from all over the world will stand there just to stair at how she works and create these sandals, Yes! it’s a real show!

She had shown us today how she creates a pair of sandals from scratch. Once at the #amalficoast, this is definitely the shop to go to for a must have! An authentic handmade, artisanal and made in Italy product, 100 % tailor made.

Leather or swarovski details will be manually inserted on leather sandals, depending on the style you pick, and last but not least she can engrave your initials on it! 

#smaacsecret is proud to share with you this product as it is something  unique, and of high quality. 

Thank you Stefania and Rossella for your secret. We are sure our readers will love it!

 P.S.They also ship worldwide! 

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