Activities and things to do in Amalfi Coast

Call for trekking lovers! Undiscovered path of the Amalfi Coast.

Yes, the Path of God is one of the most famous Path present of the Amalfi Coast, but it is not the only one.

With SMAAC SECRET, we would love to share other undiscovered path of the Amalfi Coast.

Did you know that Tramonti, literally means “ between the mountains”?

Tramonti it is an Amalfi Coast town located above Maiori, very authentic, perfect for those who seek nature and green landscapes.

Tramonti is divided in 13 little town and every single one has its own church.

The path we are recommending you, is called indeed the path of the thirteen churches.

This is a circular path that goes across the town of Tramonti and it can also be used to reach close destinations such as Maiori, Amalfi or Ravello.

This is the perfect path for those who are seeking a day away from the hustle and bustle.

If you wish to be immerse in the nature, this path is for you.

We recommend to call Matteo Giordano and Danilo, two hiking guide, the best on site to discover Tramonti and other hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast. They are reliable and kind.  

Along this path it will be possible to stop along and try local products belonging to the traditions.

A wine tasting to try the Tintore, is highly recommended.

If you love slow travel activities this is something you cannot miss when traveling the Amalfi Coast.

Booking a house with us in Maiori might be the best solution for this excursion as you will be closer to the destination and can both enjoy the sea, in Maiori, and the  nature, discovering Tramonti.

Also Maiori compared to other towns has a variety of offers, and also more convenient options can be found. Get in touch with our team to know more!

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