Take care of you is our mission!

SMAAC - SMart Accomodations Amalfi Coast is one of the protagonists in the rental of holiday rentals, homes, farmhouses, villas and apartments on the Amalfi Coast. SMAAC lodging options are 'smart', or elegant, beautiful and trendy.

The double letter AA in our name SMAAC is superstitious because in the history of the web the use of two consecutive vowels is associated with equal success stories and we want that for our clients use us on their trip to the Amalfi Coast is a huge success. If you speak our name you will hear the sound of the English word Smack, or Kiss, one of the ways in which sympathetic send greetings on postcards sent during the unforgettable vacation trips booked with us.

The mission of SMAAC is:

  • Provide a complete, professional and easy way to search and view accommodation, reservation and accommodation for tourists in Amalfi Coast;
  • Give maximum style and comfort solutions for accommodation proposals.

Be smart with SMAAC! Do not hesitate to contact us.